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Cut-offs for 7.35% 2024 , 7.61% 2030 , 7.50% 2034 , 7.06% 2046 bonds in the Rs 150 billion government bond auction held on 21 October 2016 came in at 6.88%, 6.96%, 7.15%and 7.08% r[...]
The lack of real progress in output and inflation across the globe despite excessive policy accommodation is worrying markets. Fed is yet to hike rates after its first hike in Dece[...]
RBI is scheduled to conduct its 9th OMO bond purchase auction in FY17 on 25th October 2016. The auction notified size is Rs 100 billion and bonds included for OMO are 7.28% GS 2019[...]
Bank deposits crossed Rs 100 trillion on September 2016, the highest on record. However on relative terms, deposits as % of GDP has hardly moved over the last five years indicating[...]
U.S. treasury yields fell last week on the back of US Consumer Price Index report, which ended expectations that US Inflation can pick up speed. US Core CPI increased by .1% instea[...]
Interest rate futures (IRF) are trading on three major exchanges in India NSE, BSE and MCX-SX. The underlying for IRF is the ten year benchmark  government of India bond. On 02nd S[...]
Monthly trading volume in corporate bonds was at an all-time high in September 2016, as per SEBI data Volumes were at Rs 1434.67 billion, up by 67.18% against September 2015. Volum[...]
The Government of India has announced the sale of following bonds amounting to Rs 150 billion on 21st October 2016 through multiple price based auction.Up to 5% of the notified amo[...]