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Slack in bank lending is being taken up by corporate bond market and CP market, which is highly positive for the system. Markets price credits efficiently, punish issuers who do no[...]
RBI in OMO bond sale auction on 20th July 2017 sold Rs 100 billion bonds. Total amount bid by participants was Rs 799 billion. The auction notified size was Rs 100 billion.Bond sal[...]
UST yield curve flattened last week (Table 1), Spreads between short end of the curve treasuries and 10-year benchmark treasury fell by 6 bps last week. Markets bought into 10 year[...]
Higher credit risk must be restricted to high yield funds where the fund’s objective is to generate returns through investments in lower rated credits. In regular funds where the o[...]
The corporate bond market in India has for a long time been under the radar of policy makers for its perceived lack of liquidity and size. However over the last six years, the mark[...]
Spreads of short end of the curve G-secs and  10-year benchmark G-sec fell last week while long end of the curve G-secs spread with the 10 year G-Sec rose marginally last week.  Sh[...]
Investments in Overseas Rupee Denominated Bonds (Masala Bonds) have tripled in the last 6 months. In January 2017 Masala Bonds investments were at Rs 105.51 billion, which has incr[...]
Global equities at record highs, credit spreads at record lows and interest rates well below long term averages suggest a financial assets bubble driven by low inflation and ultra [...]
This week, most important events includes China data release of GDP growth, industrial production and retail sales and monetary policy of Bank of Japan and ECB. UK will release inf[...]
India’s GDP growth for the 1st quarter of fiscal 2017-18 could come in well below expectations on the back of GST implementation on the 1st of July. GDP growth for the full year 20[...]