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Fixed Income Portfolio Risk & Strategy Analytics Services

INRBONDS Fixed Income Income Portfolio Risk & Strategy Analytics Services are for Corporate Treasuries, Family Offices, Trusts and Institutions who predominantly invest in Fixed Income and have large Fixed Income Portfolios. The Fixed Income Portfolio Risk & Strategy Analytics Services will provide an Independent assessment of the Risk & Return Profiles of the Fixed Income Portfolios. The assessment will be based on Interest Rate Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk and Yield Curve Risk. Suggestions will be given to optimize the Risk & Return profile of the portfolios primarily based on forward looking outlook on the financial market environment.

Scope of the Fixed Income Portfolio Risk & Strategy Analytics Services?

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Zephyr Financial Publishers Pvt Ltd which runs INRBonds.com is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor.

Fixed Income Portfolio Risk & Strategy Analytics Services Platform


Contact Neelima at Mob: 9819770641 Email neelima@zephyr.org.in for the Fee Structure

Profile of Mr. Arjun Parthsararthy

Arjun Parthasarathy has over twenty five years experience in financial markets. He has worked across platforms of fund management, proprietary trading and research and across segments of equities and fixed income. Arjun has worked with reputed institutions including Citigroup, IDFC Mutual Fund, Sundaram Mutual Fund and IDBI Bank. He has done his MBA from University of Hull UK and MA in Economics from the University of Poona. Arjun has authored the book, The Rich Investor, published in 2012.

Arjun is dedicating his experience to training both investors as well as financial services professionals on financial markets and investments. His core belief is that in this dynamic world, knowledge is the key to achieve investment objectives. The websites and APP Investors are idiots.com and inrbonds.com are rich in content and offers the users complete knowledge on markets and investments.