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Online Financial Markets Training Program 2018

  • Objective : To provide the cutting edge, practical knowledge on financial markets, with a focus on Fixed Income and Currency Markets, for the participants to stay on top of the fast changing and dynamic market environment.

Structured for Financial Services Professionals, Investors and Academicians.

Core Concept

  • Continuous and Real Time

  • Relating Dynamic Market and Economic Environment to Products

The Online Financial Markets Training Program (Program) of INRBONDS.com is a Continuous and Real Time Online Training Program on Financial Markets. The Core of the Program is training the participant to Relate Dynamic Market and Economic Environment to the investments that he or she deals with on a day to day basis.

Dynamic market and economic environment can turn sentiments on a dime. An investment that was relevant till yesterday will no longer be relevant today. Hence market participants have to have up to the minute analysis on important market events before taking investment decisions. INRBONDS.com delivers up to the minute analysis on markets and economic data in a digital format that can be consumed across all electronic devices. The participant can then absorb content on the go to stay relevant on changing market and economic conditions.

Online Financial Markets Training Program consists of Twelve Weeks of online training with fortnightly tests followed by Nine Months of Continuous, Real Time Analysis on Financial Markets, with Monthly Online Tests. The Course Structure is given below

Course Structure

Fortnight Online Test

Fortnight Online Test

Fortnight Online Test

Fortnight Online Test

Fortnight Online Test

Fortnight Online Test

    Two Minutes Concept Videos


  • How is the Online Financial Market Training Program conducted?

    The Online Financial Market Training Program (Program) is an Online program where participants will be accessing course material, taking tests. Participants will be given access to the course content in INRBONDS.com and they will receive weekly tutorials and will have to give online tests every month.
  • How will participants receive the course material?

    Course material will be mailed to the participants on their registered email ID.
  • Can participants read course material through smartphones and tablets?

    Yes, participants can read it through smartphones and tablets.
  • Is there a certification provided after completing the Online Training Program?

    Yes, certification on successful completion of training program will be provided if required.
  • How many hours will a participant be expected to commit to this program?

    3 hrs to 4 hrs per week
  • How long will participants get access to the material?

    Participants will get access to the course material for a total of one year.
  • Can participants get access to all the course material at once?

    Yes, participants will get access to all the course material once they are registered for the program.
  • After completing the Program, will participants be able to analyse financial markets on their own?

    The Program will give participants a complete practical understanding of financial markets.
  • Is there dedicated customer service for the Program?

    Yes. 24*7 Online Support is Available. Participants can Call, Email, WhatApp,or SMS our Customer Service.

What After Twelve Weeks?

Participants will take Monthly Online Tests on the reports and analysis sent to them during the month for a period of Nine Months.

What More?

  • Dedicated Program Coordinator

  • Con Calls on RBI Policies, Union Budget and Other Important Market Events

  • Video Tutorials


Participants will be given online access to INRBONDS.com. Course materials and market updates, reports and analysis will be sent to the participants email id and on Whatsapp.

Customer Service

The Online Financial Markets Training Program comes with highly trained and qualified customer service staff who will take care of all requirements of participants. Contact Neelima at +919819770641 or Email neelima@zephyr.org.in for customer support. Participants will be given 24*7 email support on any queries they may have on any topic covered in this training program.

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Profile of Arjun Parthsararthy

Arjun Parthasarathy has over twenty five years experience in financial markets. He has worked across platforms of fund management, proprietary trading and research and across segments of equities and fixed income. Arjun has worked with reputed institutions including Citigroup, IDFC Mutual Fund, Sundaram Mutual Fund and IDBI Bank. He has done his MBA from University of Hull UK and MA in Economics from the University of Poona. Arjun has authored the book, The Rich Investor, published in 2012.

Arjun is dedicating his experience to training both investors as well as financial services professionals on financial markets and investments. His core belief is that in this dynamic world, knowledge is the key to achieve investment objectives. The websites Investors are idiots.com and inrbonds.com are rich in content and offers the users complete knowledge on markets and investments.