About us

INRBONDS.com is a India focused Fixed Income Markets content based website. We are purely a subscription based content provider on all aspects of the Indian Fixed Income Markets. INRBONDS.com is run by Zephyr Financial Publishers Private Limited. Zephyr is founded and headed by Arjun Parthasarathy who is the Editor of INRBONDS.com. Arjun is ably supported by a Board of Directors consisting of specialists in Web Business, Internet Marketing and Legal and Corporate Affairs.

Our Team

Arjun Parthasarathy

CEO & Founder

Arjun Parthasarathy is dedicating his experience of over twenty five years in financial markets to guide investors to the path of informed decision making on their investments. The more informed the investor, the more money the investor will make is the guiding principle of Arjun. The fact that he has worked across markets including equities, interest rates, credits and currencies and across market platforms of fund management, proprietary trading and research, gives Arjun the extra edge that is required to guide investors to make the right investments in the globalized nature of markets. His Philosophy is " There are no short cuts to both Core Strength for Health & Fitness and to Wealth Creation for Long Term Financial Objectives"

Ketan Verma

Specialist - Global Macro & Currencies

Ketan Vermaanalyses Global Economic Trends and Currencies and its effects on your investments. He also looks into Healthcare, Retail and Logistics sectors to pick stocks for your portfolio. He finds interest in reading books and cooking indian and western cuisine. He is a Certified Research Analyst & Investment Advisor

Paresh Nemade

Specialist - Fixed Income

Paresh Nemade studies the Fixed Income Markets for direction on interest rates and credit spreads, which have a direct effect on your investments. He also researches the Banking & Financial, FMCG and Consumer durables sectors to pick the right stocks for your portfolio. His hobbies include travelling and reading books. He is a Certified Research Analyst & Investment Advisor.

Nikhil Bhargav

Specialist - Equities

Nikhil Bhargav analyses Global Semiconductor Stocks and domestic Oil & Gas and Telecommunication sectors. His hobbies include exploring new places, cooking, hiking and digital gaming. He is a Certified Research Analyst & Investment Advisor.

Neelima Aravind

Specialist - Fixed Income

Neelima Aravind will take full responsibility of communication with you from the time you register for the Strong Core Investment Advisory Services. Her stated aim is to make sure that all your investment requirements are taken care of. She is into fitness, travel and books.