Advanced Fixed Income, Credit and Financial Markets Training Program

Training focused on Fixed Income and Credit Markets, for the participants to stay on top of the fast changing and dynamic market environment.

Structured For

AMCs, Wealth Managers, Treasuries

In a dynamic world of financial markets, it is important to understand the fundamentals driving Fixed Income Investments and relate the fundamentals to the constantly changing market environment. Program is focused on a practical understanding of markets and relate the knowledge to bonds.

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Advanced Fixed Income, Credit and Financial Markets Training Program

Course Type
12 weeks

Course Structure

Week 1

Government Bond Markets in India

  • Introduction
  • Pricing and Characteristics of Government Bonds
  • State Development Loans
  • Government Bond Auctions
  • Analysis of Government Borrowing and Ownership
Week 2

Corporate Bond Market in India

  • Pricing and Characteristics of Corporate Bonds
  • Public issue and private issue of corporate bonds
  • Corporate Bonds and Credit Spreads
  • Trading & Settlement
  • Corporate Bond Outstanding & Ownership Pattern
  • Onshore & Offshore CDS
  • Rules & Regulation
  • FCB & Masala Bonds
Week 3

Money Markets in India

  • Pricing and Characteristics of Money Markets Securities
  • Call Money
  • Repo Markets in India
Week 4

Fundamentals of Interest Rates

  • Fundamentals of Interest Rates
  • Concept of Yield Curve
  • Factors Affecting Interest Rate and Yield Curve
Week 5

RBI policy and Liquidity

  • RBI Policy
  • Understanding RBI Policy Tools
  • Concept of Liquidity
  • Liquidity Cheat Sheet
  • LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio)
  • RBI Balance Sheet & Liquidity
Week 6

Types of Debt Securities

  • Types of Debt Securities - Inflation Indexed Bond, ZCB, DDB
  • ABS (Asset Backed Securities) and MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities)
  • Municipal Bond
  • AT-1 Bonds
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds
Week 7

Alternative Fixed income products

  • REITs
  • IDFs
Week 8

Fixed Income Derivatives and Concept of Duration

  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Interest Rate Futures
  • Floating Rate Bonds
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Duration, Modified Duration
Week 9

Currency Fundamentals

  • The Indian Rupee - INR
  • The US Dollar - USD
  • The Euro
  • The Japanese Yen - JPY
  • The Chinese Yuan -CNY
Week 10

Currency Markets in India

  • Currency Futures
  • Currency Swaps
  • Non-Deliverable Forwards - NDF
  • Interest Rate Arbitrage
  • RBI USD/INR Sell Buy Swaps
Week 11


  • Commodity Index
  • Crude Oil Dynamics
  • Shale Oil Dynamics and US Oil Production
  • Gold
  • Commodity Derivative Market
Week 12

Union Budget, Economy

  • Features Of recent Union Budget
  • Economic Data Analysis (Data Scanner)
  • Understanding the Revised GDP Numbers
  • Fiscal Deficit
  • Current Account Deficit
  • External Debt
  • Capital Controls


Dedicated Analyst Support; 12-months Free Subscription to INRBonds; Certificate Issued to Participants; Group Discounts Available

Online Tests

Participants will be tested online for the one month of the program for progress report.

Customer Service

Advanced Fixed Income, Credit & Financial Markets Training Program comes with highly trained and qualified customer service staff who will take care of all requirements of participants. Contact Neelima at +919819770641 or Email [email protected] for customer support

Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator is Neelima. Please contact Neelima at [email protected] call on +91 98197 70641 for any queries on the Training Program.