Understanding Credit Markets Crash Course

Training Focused on Practical Understanding of credit markets

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Credit & Equity Research analysts, private bankers, advisors to family offices, HNIs, PFs, Trusts, Treasury & Institutional Sales

Join our One Month Crash Course on Understanding Credit Markets to stay on top of everything that is happening in financial markets and economies. Participants will have a broad grasp of credit markets enabling them to use this knowledge effectively given the importance of the credit markets on overall financial markets and economies.

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Understanding Credit Markets Crash Course

Course Type
4 Weeks

Course Structure

Week 1

Introduction to Credit Markets

  • Understanding linkages between credit markets and other financial markets
  • How Can Capital Controls have Repercussions for RBI in its new avatar?
  • The Effects and After Effects of Over USD 10 trillion Bailout
  • Case study 1 - Why USD Shortage is Caused Huge Currency Market Volatility in 2020
  • Case study 2 - Credit Carnage, Globally and in India in 2020.
  • Case study 3 - Franklin Templeton issue in 2020
  • Online Test Week 1 Quiz
Week 2

Credit Markets in India

  • Pricing and Characteristics of Corporate Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds and Credit Spreads
  • Corporate Bond Outstanding & Ownership Pattern
  • Primary & Secondary market for corporate bonds.
  • Trading & Settlement
  • Rules & Regulation
  • Online Test Week 2 Quiz
Week 3

Onshore & Offshore Credit Market

  • Onshore & Offshore CDS
  • Interest Rate Arbitrage
  • FCCB and Masala Bonds
  • Types of Debt Securities
  • AT-1 Bonds
  • REITs
  • INVITs
  • IDFs
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds
  • Online Test Week 3 Quiz
Week 4

Factors Affecting Credit Spreads & Valuations

  • Credit Events
  • Credit Ratings
  • Factors affecting Credit Spreads
  • Valuing Corporate Bonds based on Spreads
  • How Risk Aversion can cause deep swings in Credit Spreads.
  • Online Test Week 3 Quiz


Dedicated Analyst Support; 3-months Free Subscription to INRBonds; Certificate Issued to Participants; Group Discount Available

Online Tests

Participants will be tested online for the one month of the program for progress report.

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Understanding Credit Markets Crash Course comes with highly trained and qualified customer service staff who will take care of all requirements of participants. Contact Neelima at +919819770641 or Email [email protected] for customer support

Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator is Neelima. Please contact Neelima at [email protected] call on +91 98197 70641 for any queries on the Training Program.