Specialized Fixed Income Training Program

Investors are wanting specialized solutions for their investments and this course is designed to provide the necessary tools for that

Structured For

Wealth Managers, Financial Advisors, and RMs

To enable RMs, wealth managers & financial advisors to effectively communicate and build fixed income portfolios for clients. Given that fixed income markets are evolving rapidly, the products too are becoming varied and sometimes complex.

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Specialized Fixed Income Training Program

Course Type
4 Weeks

Course Structure

Week 1

Basics of Price, Maturity,Yield ,Credit Ratings

  • Bond Basics
  • Introduction – Concept of Fixed Income
  • Bond Price and Interest Rates
  • Bond Maturity and Interest Rates
  • Interest rate movement
  • Concept of Yield Curve
  • Relationship between Risk and Returns on Fixed Income Investments
  • Credit Ratings
  • Online Test Week 1 Quiz
Week 2

Characteristics of Government Bond, Corporate Bond, and Money Markets

  • Bond Markets
  • Introduction to Government Bond, Corporate Bond, and Money Markets
  • Characteristics and Pricing of Government Bonds
  • Characteristics and Pricing of Corporate Bonds
  • Characteristics and Pricing of Money Market Securities
  • State Development Loans
  • Corporate Bond Markets and Credit Spreads in India
  • Primary Corporate Bond Market in India
  • Trading & Settlement of Corporate Bonds in India
  • Online Test Week 2 Quiz
Week 3

Factors affecting bond markets

  • Factors affecting bond markets
  • CPI and WPI Inflation
  • RBI Monetary Policy
  • Government Borrowings
  • Global Factors (Fed & ECB Policy, Global bonds and currencies)
  • Indian Rupee (Balance of Payments, Foreign Capital flows, RBI foreign exchange tools)
  • Online Test Week 3 Quiz
Week 4

Types of Bonds ,Fixed Income Mutual Funds and SGBs

  • Debt Products
  • Types of Corporate Bonds (taxable & tax-free, FRBs, securitized products)
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs)
  • Fixed Income Mutual Funds
  • InvITs & Reits
  • Masala Bonds
  • Online Test Week 4 Quiz


Special webinars, masterclass on fixed income markets & products Special engagements as and when required

Online Tests

Participants will be tested online for the one month of the program for progress report.

Customer Service

The Training Programcomes with highly trained and qualified customer service staff who will take care of all requirements of participants. Contact Neelima at +919819770641 or Email [email protected] for customer support.

Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator is Neelima. Please contact Neelima at [email protected] call on +91 98197 70641 for any queries on the Training Program.