INRBonds Preferred Partner Program

For Bond Advisors

INRBonds preferred partner program is created for Bond Advisors seeking to expand their client base across geographies, get better research, information and prices on bonds and access wider liquidity for bonds. Bond advisors can use INRBonds web and app to facilitate a broader engagement with their clients on bonds.

Benefits of becoming a INRBonds Preferred Partner:

  • Customized Bond Watch
  • Priority Order Transmission
  • Access to Bond Investors
  • Dedicated Analyst Support
  • INRBonds Bond Advisor Certificate Training Program
  • INRBonds Preferred Partner Digital Badge

badge cover image

INRBonds Preferred Partner Program

Who Can join?

INRBonds members who are in the business of advising clients on bond investments and with a demonstrable ability to provide bond bids and offers on behalf of their clients. There are only few Preferred Partner badges available and those members desirous of becoming an INRBonds Preferred Partner can send their applications by filling a digital form.