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Quick Invest

INRBonds makes it easy for any investor to invest in bonds. With Quickinvest, you get access to a curated list of liquid and popular bonds that meets threshold of relative safely and returns. With Quickinvest, investing in bonds is just a few clicks away. The salient features are:

One Click easy to use Interface

360 degree view of a Bond, it's issuer and price

Effectively minimize the transaction overheads

Quick Invest subscription is currently available at an introductory price of INR200+taxes per year.


Market Watch

Marketwatch helps you search for the right bond by showing you the information that makes it easy for you to choose based on your requirements. Marketwatch keeps a tab on the various offers and bids for the bonds that's available on INRBonds The coverage includes:

Issuer Credit Spread Score (CSS)

Yield and Spread Movement Highlights

Liquidiity and Market Depth

Bonds Traded Level with Categorization

Market Watch subscription is part of INRBond's standard subscription.

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Bonds can be difficult to understand. But with INRBond's dedicated research team, you will be able to understand all the drivers of the bond market – be it the macro policies, monetary policies, major market movements, performance of individual companies and other important economic factors – all in one place, so you don't have to spend hours doing the research. INRBonds reports cover:

Fixed Income & Currency Markets

RBI Policy Analysis, Government Budget and Fiscal Position Analysis and Other Macro Economic Data Analysis

Credit Markets

Primary Corporate Bond Markets

Research subscription is part of INRBond's standard subscription.

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For institutional queries please contact Neelima at +91-9819770641

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